Our Story

Stoma Farms, a first generation family farm, took root in 2007 following our family's move from San Francisco to Yolo County in the southern Sacramento Valley.  We chose the area because of its fertile soils, plentiful water and Mediterranean climate of hot summer days but unusually cool nights fanned by the Sacramento River Delta breeze - perfect for growing quality walnuts.  The 70 acre home ranch was planted with English walnuts in 2008 and 2009.  Since planting, the ranch has been tended by the family and one employee.

We farm sustainably, preserving the heritage and productivity of our land for generations to come.  Cover crops provide organic matter for soil tilth and water retention, and they also host important beneficial, predatory insects.  Composted manures provide additional organic matter, nitrogen and other important minerals.  We use modern methods of measuring tree and soil moisture to insure that trees are irrigated only as often and as much as needed - promoting ideal tree and nut growth while preserving our precious water supply.


We harvest in late September, using local harvesting contractors with the most modern equipment available.  The trees are shaken and nuts fall to the ground.  Sweepers follow almost immediately to push the nuts into mounds where they are picked up and hauled to trailers.  Within 24 hours of tree shaking, the nuts have been gently dried to approximately 8% moisture - ideal for maintaining their flavor while preserving their longevity.  They are shelled soon thereafter by a local processor  - now they are ready for shipment to you.